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Windswept Farm Apiary is nestled among wildflowers and fruit trees in the Northern Panhandle of beautiful West Virginia. We have been keeping bees for over ten years and take great pride in our efforts. We personally collect and bottle the honey from our beehives. It is pure, raw, unheated and unfiltered and still contains the local beneficial pollens. Our honey is only processed by the honey bees! The taste of this rich, smooth honey is influenced by the many blossoms that our bees visit during the spring, summer and fall. 


Where you can find our wildflower honey ? ?

From Mid May through the end of October, you can stop by our booth at the Wheeling Farmers' Market on Saturdays from 8am to noon (located at the St. Michael's Church Parking lot).  If you prefer, you can always use the contact us page on our site to make other arrangements, or visit any of our retail partners.


Sweet favors for special events

One of our favorite activities is to create personalized honey themed favors for your special event. We have created and designed many wedding, baby shower, and other event favors and would love to have the opportunity to make your day even more special.

About Us


A little about us....

John and Gail Welty have lived on Windswept Farm for over twenty years. The farm was first named by John's grandparents in the early 1900's. John, a Certified Master Beekeeper, has been keeping bees for the past eleven years and recently retired from the automotive business. He now spends his time enjoying his farm chores and tending to his 30+- bee hives. Gail is a retired Veterinarian who keeps herself busy looking after the farm horses, ponies, mini donkeys, chickens, dogs, cats...etc!!!


Guaranteed Naturally Grown

Windswept Farm is a Guaranteed Naturally Grown Apiary. This ensures that our honey is ethically harvested, leaving enough honey behind to nourish the colony, and that our bees are raised naturally, without synthetic chemicals or high fructose corn syrup.


Our Philosophy....

At Windswept Farm Apiary, we judge our success not by the quantity of honey we produce but by it's quality and, ultimately, by our customer's satisfaction!!!

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Retail Partners & Links


Retail Partners

Our products can also be found at the following local Wheeling retailers:

Good Mansion Wines   www.goodmansionwines.com

Under the Elder Tree Apothecary and Healing Arts   www.undertheeldertree.vpweb.com

Oglebay Park Samara Shop   www.oionline.com/samara-shop-nature-themed-gifts/

Hughes Design and Gift Gallery   www.hughesdsgn.com

Wheeling Coffee Shoppe

Miklas Meat Market   https://www.facebook.com/Miklas-Meat-Market-150230090819/

Mayfly Market and Deli, Pittsburgh   www.mayflyphg.com

The Wheeling Public Market www.thepublicmarket.org

Wheeling Heritage Artisan Center www.wheelingheritage.org/artisan-center-shop

What our friends have to say...

"Absolutely the BEST honey I have ever tasted!!! LOVE it"...April K., Moundsville, WV

"I really love honey in general and have purchased several brands and several local varieties of it. This honey in particular is the first time I’ve tried the creamy spreadable form and it definitely has a great use that I did not foresee. Fantastic!!! " . Linda G, Wheeling WV

"THANK YOU ...THANK YOU...THANK YOU...The Baby Shower "Sweet for you to Come"  favors were PERFECT! Everyone loved them and it made our day even more special".  Jessie W., Wheeling, WV

"I love this honey! I just can't decide if I like the light or darker better!!!  The pollen in it helped cure my allergies. I use a teaspoon in my tea in the morning". Josh L., West Liberty, WV 

" Windswept Farm not only has the best honey you'll ever taste, but they have a love for teaching anyone who is interested about the complex world of the bees and our beautiful environment. They are making a difference in the local food industry in our area. Thanks Gail and John! ". Milt G., Wheeling, WV


"Your honey rocks!!

Wanted to drop a line to say how amazing your totally raw honey is! I got some at the Wheeling Farmer's Market. LOVELOVELOVE!!! I just eat it straight out the jar. Definitely will bee getting more. Keep on lovin' your bees.". Angie K., Washington, PA.

" I just wanted to say that this honey is the BEST RAW HONEY I HAVE EVER TASTED!  I will NEVER buy another honey unless I am convinced it is as good as this. I had this for the first time today in my new raw muesli recipe that I made for breakfast and it is just fantastic! Thank you so much for having such a stellar product! ". Gerry  M., Wheeling, WV

 "John at Windswept Farm was absolutely amazing! They did our wedding favors for us and when my dad got too busy to pick them up, John went out of his way rushing around to make sure they got to us in time for the wedding! They were adorable and the honey is delicious! 5 stars for the product and service!  Thank you so much!!! 😊 " Sarah H., McHenry, MD.

" I love this honey! You can taste the wholesome, organic, pure West Virginia honey. Do yourself and the earth a favor, support the bees, and buy this honey.!!"  Carmine K. , Valley Grove, WV

 "Windswept Farm's bees are clearly happy and producing AMAZING honey!  YUM !!!  John is super accommodating and very knowledgeable as well."   Keith and Karen G., Wheeling, WV


Q: What is the difference between your light and your dark honey?

A: The color and flavor of honeys differ depending upon the nectar source visited by the honey bees. As a general rule, lighter honey is milder in taste and dark-colored honey is stronger.

Q: How long will my honey "keep" before "going bad"?

A: Actually, if honey is stored well it should last years and even decades. Please note that it might lose a little of its flavor and appearance over time. The chemical properties of honey retard bacterial growth and can mean a lifetime of sweetness. (Did you know that they have actually discovered honey stored in bottles buried in Egyptian tombs that was STILL EDIBLE!!!)

Q: If honey doesn't go bad, why did my honey get all cloudy and become solid?

A: Honey, and especially raw honey, will crystallize over time. Some varieties will crystallize faster than others. This is a natural process that occurs between various sugars reacting in a super saturated liquid. You can re-liquefy your honey by simply warming it in a bowl of hot (not boiling) water for a period of time. It is NOT suggested to warm honey in the microwave as this can easily scorch the honey effecting its taste and properties.

Q:  Can I feed honey to my 6 month old baby?

A:  No. It is recommended that you do not feed honey to infants under the age of twelve months.  As with any raw, unprocessed foods, honey is not recommended for infants whose immune systems are not fully developed. Honey may contain spores that can cause botulism. This doesn't mean the honey supply is contaminated- these spores are harmless to adults and children over one. 

Q:  What is "raw" honey?

A:  All of Windswept Farm's honey is "Raw". Raw honey is natural, unpasteurized honey, nothing added or taken away. It is what bees produce in the hive. It is ready to eat after it has been extracted and run through a fine sieve to remove foreign particles that may have found their way into the honey in the extracting process (such as wax). All pure unpasteurized, unadulterated honey is considered "raw" honey. 

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